Re: Fresnel implementation for Jena

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 15:05:45 -0500

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>>> OK. In the Simile subversion repository, under fresnel I see a "trunk"
>>> that runs with Sesame, and under "branches" I see "jena-base", and a
>>> version that apparently runs under Jena. How do the two versions in CVS
>>> compare? Is the Sesame version more complete, or are they roughly equal
>>> in functionality and maturity?
>> At the point I felt it was approximately functionally complete, I made
>> the leap from developing on Jena to developing in Sesame. I don't
>> know how to quantify the differences in features now, but the branch
>> occurred in August, and I've made bugfixes and added features (like
>> FSL support) in Sesame that weren't rolled back into the Jena version,
>> which I no longer support.
> Ryan, what's the status of the Sesame 1.2 FSL engine? Any chance we can
> make a standalone release of it?

I think so.

If I forget the hierarchy store for now and put my files together with a
checkout of the fresnel/ directory, minus any files that rely on
Jena/Sesame2, I see only one repeated compilation error.
in Eclipse tells me the recover method is missing, so I added this based
on some quick Google searches:

protected void recover(RecognitionException ex, BitSet bs) throws
TokenStreamException {

I don't really know what that method is for, but the error goes away.

I'll try to put together a build system for generating a jar today.

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