Re: Fresnel vocabulary question

From: Steve Dunham <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 09:33:30 -0800

I think ordering of the top level results would be a requirement, but
that could be accomplished outside of fresnel (even if you want to
apply fresnel to the entire result set, you can always have something
to sort the top-level XML before applying the stylesheet).

Our hacked-up version of longwell presents results in a tabular view,
and the user can click column headers to change the sorting. Long
term we will probably have two-level sorting: group by and sort within
groups. We might be able to do without sorting in sublenses.
(Although, it could be handy to be able to say "follow this property,
sort by x, and take the top 5" - maybe sparql/serql can do that
already, I haven't looked yet.)

Is there a way in fresnel to specify a default lens? I'd like to
create a fallback lens that displays all properties and also inlines
Collections and Lists. (Or maybe apply sublenses as appropriate from a
given group.) I can tweak the velocity templates to display lists,
but it'd be nice to use fresnel for everything. The only allClasses
that I see is in the facet namespace.
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