Re: Fresnel vocabulary question

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 17:31:58 -0500

Steve Dunham wrote:
> Is there a way in fresnel to specify a default lens? I'd like to
> create a fallback lens that displays all properties and also inlines
> Collections and Lists.

Perhaps there's a part of our thinking that we haven't made too explicit
yet. Instead of a closed world of Fresnel lenses you've configured in
your application, imagine that there's a global repository of them that
you're drawing from, all readily available for use for that data you
don't know how you want displayed.

What does it mean for there to be a default lens in that grand central
repository? Is there just one? How do we pick it? How do we make sure
it's the only one? Since we can't assure it with just RDF, how do we
pick from all of the default lenses? Back to square one - you're in an
environment where 'default' doesn't have much meaning.

Any 'default' or 'just one' scheme is going to suffer from the ability
in RDF to say anything about anything. You could have a group level
default lens, but there's nothing in the ecosystem that technically
prevents me from adding another fifty default lenses to your group.

While your application may never tap into this ethereal repository in
the sky, we did want to consider such a possibility in our design.
Which is, in entirely too many words, why we left it to the application
to figure out what to do when it has no lens matches.

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