RE: Stores report

From: Butler, Mark <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 15:28:52 +0100

Hi Ryan

> The code hasn't changed since you wrote it, I believe,
> so either the difference in environments (your machine
> is more powerful than mine) or the data is causing the
> differing figures.

I have done some investigation, and yes I can't see any substantial changes.
I did wonder if it was calling the anon-node aliasing code, as that's new,
but on closer inspection it looks like RDQLLocalModel shouldn't do that. So
no obvious explanation.

> Do you think we should resolve this issue before I publish
> the report to a wider audience? Considering that the RDQLLocalModel
> timing is too slow to use in a production environment, I'm tempted
> to go ahead and publish the report, maybe with some caveat concerning
> differing figures, and then sort this issue out over time, since it
> could still be relevant if we choose to use Jena DB code more extensively.

Well I'm no longer on the project, so probably not best to defer to me on
this, but FWIW I think the approach you suggest is reasonable for now.

Dr Mark H. Butler
Research Scientist, HP Labs Bristol
Received on Mon Jul 26 2004 - 14:29:24 EDT

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