Re: Label Lens

From: Chris Bizer <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:41:30 +0200

Hi David,

> Regarding the label lens, I think this blurs the layers a bit.
> Haystack's approach is to have a "TitlePredicate" property that
> identifies, for any given class, which predicate hanging off that
> class makes a decent "title" for it. Eg,
> dc:document hs:TitlePredicate dc:title
> This is a display-independent solution (and can be useful: eg, if I
> email someone a resource, I could use this to pick a good subject line
> for the email).

Yes, I saw in your Haystak paper that you are using hs:TitlePredicate.

My idea behind using a special lens was that sometimes you might want to
1. combine properties like firstname and lastname
2. use alternative properties if dc:title is missing
3. use a thumbnail plus the title as general label

Thus I think using a lens might be more flexible.

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