Updated Fresnel Ontologies and Examples

From: Chris Bizer <bizer_at_gmx.de>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 15:53:52 -0500

Hi Emmanuel, Stefano, Ryan and David,

I have committed updated Fresnel ontologies and examples containing the
results from our discussions this week to the repository:


I have also added some additional features to the style ontology:

1. A Resource Box for being able to style the complete space used to display

I think such a box is really useful for defining different background colors
for resources of different classes or for specifying borders. See
e-core-and-lens-group.n3 for an example.

So, our complete box model would look like this:
# 1. Container Box
# The container surrounding all displayed resources. A container box
contains a set of resource boxes.
# 2. Resource Box
# The resource box surrounds all properties of a single resources. The box
contains a set of property boxes.
# 3. Property Box
# The property box surrounds the area that is used to display a single
property. It contains one label box and a set of value boxes.
# 4. Label Box
# The label box contains the label of a property.
# 5. Value Box
# The value box contains one property value.
# If several lenses are used together (fresnel:sublens) then a value box can
contain another complete Fresnel box model.

What do you think?

2. I also added the possibility to style classes, which is important for
mixed content. Example:

ex:gifImage rdf:type rdfs:Class ;
       fresnel:displayAs fresnel:image ;
       fresnel:styleGroup :groupOne .

What do you think?

3. Going through the CSS Spec, I also added some more selector
like :link and :hover and some of their output media types like :screen and
:print as style purposes.

What do you think?

I will start writing example lenses and stylesheets for different ontologies
on Monday. Therefore it would be cool if we could get the terms of the
ontology stable over the weekend.

Could you (and of course also everybody else on this list also invited)
please have another look at the ontologies and the examples and check where
we still have to change the wording of the terms somewhere.

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