Re: Updated Fresnel Ontologies and Examples - fresnel:contentNoValue

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 07:27:12 -0500

Chris Bizer wrote:

>Hi David,
>yes, good idea. What do you think about having a fresnel:contentNoValue
>property on the styleDescription class. Meaning you could say
>:knowsStyle fresnel:valueStyle [ fresnel:contentAfter ", " ;
> fresnel:contentLast ". " ;
> fresnel:contentNoValue "This
>guy knows nobody." ] ;
It's hard for me to see how this fits in, as I'm not familiar with the
rest of Fresnel.

On a different note, the N3 code you showed seems to make some
localization assumptions specific to English (or another similar
language). ", " assumes a left-to-right text flow and also assumes the
use of space (in Chinese, for example, there's no space between words).
In Chinese, I think you can also just juxtapose several nouns to make up
a list without having to use list separators. By the way, I would have
named "contentAfter", "contentLast", and "contentNoValue" as
"listSeparator", "listTerminator", and "emptyListIndicator". You might
also try to fit " and " and ", and " in somewhere :-)

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