Re: Updated Fresnel Ontologies and Examples - fresnel:contentNoValue

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 07:36:10 -0500

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:

> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> yes, good idea. What do you think about having a fresnel:contentNoValue
>> property on the styleDescription class. Meaning you could say
>> :knowsStyle fresnel:valueStyle [ fresnel:contentAfter ", " ;
>> fresnel:contentLast
>> ". " ;
>> fresnel:contentNoValue "This
>> guy knows nobody." ] ;
> I have the impression that we keep adding and adding vocabulary terms.
> I'm not actually questioning the usefulness of this, but we had
> something similar in the vocabulary and decided to remove it last
> monday, following the where-do-we-stop? principle.
> So, where do we stop ?

I think because Fresnel starts out to address a limited, specific family
of applications, we are bound to be greedy about what else we can
support. And so we have to constantly ask "where do we stop?".

Perhaps there is another strategy to consider. Start with generic
principles, a la Haystack but with Karun's recommendations, and then add
"convenience extensions". A dumb browser in this case is the one that
only knows how to handle the generic principles (so, Haystack is a dumb
browser). A smarter browser would be able to handle some convenience
extensions, providing custom handling of, say, lists.

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