Re: Semantic Banks (was Re: Rendering maps [Re: Piggy-Bank 2.0 beta release])

From: Eric Miller <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 14:19:04 -0400

On May 25, 2005, at 1:20 PM, Danny Ayers wrote:

> This looks great!

Thanks! any / all feedback is certainly welcomed.

> Quick question - do you happen to know the status/plans for SPARQL in
> Sesame? It's not altogether clear from the docs (RQL, SeRQL..?)

I don't know the specific status, but I do know Jeen Broekstra is a
contributing member of the DAWG. [1] I've been meaning to poke him
about the status of this ...

> I do fancy running a Semantic Bank, what interests me in particular is
> playing with intercomms between that and a Redland store I've got
> running (sometimes). Ideally I'd like the main lingua to be SPARQL.

... for exactly this reason. :)

We very much expect SPARQL to be the primary query language among
piggy-bank / semantic-bank (and other semweb stores) in the future.
We're a bit a head of the curve here, but with the way DAWG is going,
its not sure for how long. :)


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