Semantic Bank "API"?

From: Erik Hatcher <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 09:56:01 -0400

I am considering leveraging Piggy Bank style collection of objects
into a Semantic Bank as the collection side of the Collex system I'm
building. There are a few things that I would be implementing
differently, one of which would be a bookmarklet-style feature for
collecting objects rather than Firefox, and another (and the topic of
this mail) is to be able to interact with a Semantic Bank from a
different application through some sort of "API". I envision this as
being a RESTful lower-case "web service" (though a formal SOAP Web
Service would be acceptable also).

I see that I can change the command from browse to export on the
public Semantic Bank, like this:


Is hacking this sort of URL the recommended way to interact with a
Semantic Bank externally? What other options do I have? I would
like to be able to issue rich queries such that I could narrow down
the list of objects retrieved by full-text search, or by specific
metadata like whether an object is an image or not, and combinations

The goal of Collex is a system that allows the collecting of digital
artifacts and the building and presenting of exhibits of those
artifacts. It seems that SIMILE collaboration is the right way to go
on the collecting side of things and that my custom exhibit builder
could leverage it nicely.

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