Re: Semantic Bank "API"?

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 12:07:29 -0400

Hi Erik,

Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I am considering leveraging Piggy Bank style collection of objects into
> a Semantic Bank as the collection side of the Collex system I'm
> building. There are a few things that I would be implementing
> differently, one of which would be a bookmarklet-style feature for
> collecting objects rather than Firefox, and another (and the topic of
> this mail) is to be able to interact with a Semantic Bank from a
> different application through some sort of "API". I envision this as
> being a RESTful lower-case "web service" (though a formal SOAP Web
> Service would be acceptable also).
> I see that I can change the command from browse to export on the public
> Semantic Bank, like this:
> <
> 40lwq.project.TagProjector%3B%3B%40lwq.bucket.DistinctValueBucketer%
> 3Blblessed>
> Is hacking this sort of URL the recommended way to interact with a
> Semantic Bank externally? What other options do I have? I would like
> to be able to issue rich queries such that I could narrow down the list
> of objects retrieved by full-text search, or by specific metadata like
> whether an object is an image or not, and combinations thereof.

That's one way to get RDF out of a Semantic Bank, though the intent with
'export' is to use Piggy Bank to save browsing results. Another option
is to wait for SPARQL [1] to get into Sesame [2], the underlying RDF
store we use in Longwell 2.0 (which in turn underpins Piggy Bank and
Semantic Bank). We'll expose a SPARQL interface to the bank when we can

> The goal of Collex is a system that allows the collecting of digital
> artifacts and the building and presenting of exhibits of those
> artifacts. It seems that SIMILE collaboration is the right way to go
> on the collecting side of things and that my custom exhibit builder
> could leverage it nicely.
> Erik


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