Piggy bank - importing del.icio.us rss vs. realtime linking?

From: Brad Clements <bkc_at_murkworks.com>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 17:45:34 -0400

Sorry if this is an obvious question.

When I visit my tags page at del.icio.us, and click the datacoin, piggy bank
only shows 32 items.

I have 107 bookmarked items.

Even if I view the first 100 items in html form, piggybank only loads 32

Hmm, it seems it's downloading the list of tags, but not the actual tagged
items. Ah!

Oh wait, ok so the "subject" is my tag, and each of the 32 links references
one tag.

So it seems to be loading one link per each of my tags.

Is there a way to import my current bookmarks from del.icio.us and have 
piggybank use my current tags? 
Perhaps I can write a screen scraper for the rss feed?
What about dynamic linking of data, can I only do that through a databank?
Say I want to combine other folks del.icio.us tags with mine in some way, 
do I have to "scrape" each time?
I guess I have to navigate to a tags list in question, then activate the 'collect 
this data', there's no way to programmatically collect the data I guess. 
Well, guess i"ll look for an RSS scraper for deli.icio.us, maybe I'll write one 
in xslt. 
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