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From: Jon Crump <jjcrump_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 14:12:38 -0700 (PDT)

Wiser heads,

Here's an embarrassing puzzle. I was tinkering around with owl:sameAs and
external resources and got something clever to work. I tinkered with it
some more and it broke and I can't seem to fix it.

I've got a file example.rdf with the following elements:

<uwdl:Record rdf:about="http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections/citiesandbuildings#MLC1010">
    <dc:source rdf:resource="http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections#citiesandbuildings"/>
    <dc:creator rdf:resource="http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections/creator#Gehry,_Frank_O.,_1929-"/>
    <dc:description>view with detail of shopping and dining concourse (Festival Disney)</dc:description>
    ... more properties

<dc:creator rdf:about="http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections/creator#Gehry,_Frank_O.,_1929-">
   <rdfs:label>Gehry, Frank O., 1929-</rdfs:label>
   <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://errol.oclc.org/laf/n82-13991.html"/>

I've got another file authorities.n3:

_at_prefix rdf: <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#> .
_at_prefix rdfs: <http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#> .
_at_prefix owl: <http://www.w3.org/2002/07/owl#> .
_at_prefix dc: <http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/> .
_at_prefix oclc: <http://simile.mit.edu/2004/04/ontologies/oclc#> .
_at_prefix uwdl: <http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections#> .
_at_prefix seo: <http://somebody.elses.ontology/controlledvocabulary#>.

         owl:sameAs <http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections/creator#Gehry,_Frank_O.,_1929-> ;
         oclc:name "Gehry, Frank O., 1929-" ;
         rdfs:seeAlso <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Gehry> ;
         dc:description """Frank Owen Gehry (born Ephraim Goldberg... more description""" ;
         seo:mostAtrociousBuilding <http://content.lib.washington.edu/contentcollections/citiesandbuildings#MLC1010>

seo:mostAtrociousBuilding rdfs:label "Most Atrocious Building" .

Now when Longwell aggregates these files, KNOWLE rightly shows me that
both of the resources equated by owl:sameAs have a property
seo:mostAtrociousBuilding which points to Eurodisneyland. KNOWLE also
shows me that Eurodisneyland has "Other References": "Gehry, Frank O.,
1929-" "Most Atrocious Building" "this"; however, Longwell, when pointed
at Eurodisneyland, does not show "Gehry, Frank O., 1929-" in a list of
"Referring resources:."

In some earlier version of authorities.n3 I persuaded longwell to list a
referring resource, but now it won't. As usual, I feel like I'm missing
something obvious; can anybody give me a clue

Clueless in Seattle,

PS. the opinion of Gehry's work reflected in my arbitrary choice of label
is equally arbitrary, and not necessarily even my own.
J.J. Crump
Dept. of History 353560
University of Washington
Seattle, WA. 98195
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