Re: Google maps / Unresponsiveness

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:37:17 -0400 wrote:
> i tried to install piggy-bank on deerpark alpha 1. got the
> following error:
> "Piggy Bank" could not be installed because of an error in
> its Install Manifest ("2.0b2 (20050623)" is not a valid
> Version String). Please contact the author of this item
> about the problem.

We are aware of this (and should be fixed in the new version that Ryan
just released). But there are some other incompatibility problems with
deerpark, it seems.

> i was hopeful that i was going to be able to start using
> piggy bank again. the slowdown problem is too disruptive on
> 1.04. i usually have at least five tabs open and switch
> frequently and i saw piggy bank causing pretty much
> constant, massive slowdown.

I know, it's getting frustrating for us too.. on a mac is even worse :-/

don't worry, we'll fix this somehow, even if we had to send a patch to
the firefox folks directly.

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