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From: Jon Crump <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 13:52:31 -0700 (PDT)

OK, this is one of those annoying times when a beginner asks a naive
question and then proceeds to answer it himself. After a great deal of
trial and error, the build system is a little clearer to me. For the
benefit of future beginners, perhaps I could offer a little clarification.
If I understand it correctly, the build system expects several things:

a directory structure that includes




The file declares which datasets to use, and the build.xml
file issues instructions for how to populate the exampleset/data

The minimal build.xml file must have a <target name="data"> element (even
if it is empty), and a <target name="copy-data"> element issuing
instructions to copy the populated contents of exampleset/data into the
webapp at WEB-INF.

BOTH the AND the build.xml files MUST be present. Have I
got that right?

Is there any more explicit specification available for constructing the
build.xml file (apart from the example datasets provided with longwell)?
Supposing you want to do something more complex than just copy the RDF
file into the webapp, say, run an XSLT stylesheet on an XML file, or
execute a shell script perhaps?


On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Jon Crump wrote:

> Wiser Heads,
> So far, all of my experimentation with longwell has been based on altering
> the web application directly. I'm now trying to understand how the 'build
> system' works. The user's guide is awfully telegraphic on this score:
> The ./data directory of the Longwell distribution is where all the data is
> stored.
> If you have more than one dataset to merge, we suggest you to create a bundle
> and then reference them from it.
> If you just want to browser one single dataset that you have already in RDF,
> probably the easiest way is just to create your own bundle and put those RDF
> files in the ./data directory inside your bundle, they will be copied over by
> the build system into the web application.
> I've created a bundle in ./data/bundles, in that bundle I've created a conf
> and a data directory. config.n3 went into conf and several rdf files into
> data (can I do this? "browser one single dataset" "*those* RDF files"). I've
> created a file in ./ that includes the name of my
> bundle in the comma separated list of bundles. Then I run the,
> select my bundle, and get the following error:
> /home/jjcrump/Simile/longwell-1.1/tools/targets/webapp-build.xml:40:
> Following error occured while executing this line
> /home/jjcrump/Simile/longwell-1.1/tools/targets/webapp-build.xml:44:
> Following error occured while executing this line
> /home/jjcrump/Simile/longwell-1.1/data/datasets/${bundle.datasets}/build.xml
> (No such file or directory)
> What has to go in /data/datasets? what does the build.xml file have to say
> and where does it need to go? Do I have to include a file in
> the bundle, if so, how should it point to the RDF files in the bundle, or do
> the RDF files actually have to go in /data/datasets?
> This experiment is with functional RDF files, but in future I'll want to work
> out how to run an XSL transform on the raw XML files at build time; any
> guidance on how to construct the build.xml file to do this, what sort of
> syntax to use, and where to put it?
> Also, my XSLT stylesheets make use of XSL 2.0 functions, but longwell looks
> like it uses saxon7.jar, can I simply plug the saxon8.jar into ./tools/lib?
> I apologize for this shotgun spray of questions. Any guidance for the tyro
> will be gratefully accepted.
> Jon
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