Re: openRDF parser (was: Re: [ANN] SIMILE Welkin 1.1 Released)

From: Alan McMorran <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:17:27 +0100

>>> This release brings several new features and a rewritten internal
>>> RDF architecture, which lead us to a drastic reduction in code
>>> size, memory consuption, startup time and RDF load time.
>> Just out of interest, why did you move from the Jena parser to the
>> OpenRDF one? The Open RDF parser doesn't seem to like my data and
>> throws parse exceptions like:
>> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: '#_7' is not a legal (absolute)
>> URI
> I am not sure which version of the Rio parser Welkin 1.1 uses, but
> as a brief comment to help fix this: the problem here is that
> apparently the parser is not provided a proper base URI to resolve
> fragment identifiers and other relative URI references. A well-known
> cause is that many users provide the parser with an empty string as
> the base URI.
> There are two ways to provide a base URI to the parser:
> 1. by specifying a base URI in the code when RdfXmlParser.parse() is
> invoked.
> 2. by specifying it in your RDF/XML file, by supplying an xml:base
> attribute in the root element.
> The latter, you could do yourself quite easily, the first will require
> some tinkering in the Welkin code I suspect?

Quite correct, adding an xml:base attribute solved the problem.

Thanks for your help.


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