Re: Piggy Bank blocks find as you type (+ comments)

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:28:55 -0400

Michael McDougall wrote:
> I installed Piggy Bank today, played with it a bit but I had to
> uninstall it because it blocked 'find as you type', which I depend on.

Uh, interesting.

> The details: if I visit a page with a <link rel="alternate"
> type="application/rss+xml"..> tag and try to use 'find as you type' it
> no longer searches the page properly. (See
> to see what 'find as you type
> is'.)

Yes, I know what it is. I used to hate it because it would create all
sort of conflicts with midas ;-)

> It fails to highlight found words, and claims that there are no
> matches on the page when there actually are matches. This happens before
> I click on the little coin in the corner--just installing Piggy Bank
> seems to block the find feature.

Hmmm, it might be because we intercept the keystrokes: we might be
failing to let them bubble up. David?

> Comments:
> - The Piggy Bank web page practically begs for feedback but I found it
> difficult to give some.


> The web page says: "Report problems and ask for
> new features through our issue tracking system
> <>". I
> followed the link to the issue tracking but after several frustrating
> minutes I gave up trying to find some way of submitting a bug.

I have to agree with one thing: most (all?) issue tracking systems force
you to create an account to be able to submit bug reports.

The mozilla foundation identified this as a problem as well and created
'hendrix' (see

Do you think something like this would help?

> I found
> no instructions or links or indications that it was even possible to
> submit a bug. I'd rather not have to subscribe to yet another mailing
> list to report a bug for a product that I was just playing with.

Yes, I understand.

> In
> fact, I went through all of this a few weeks ago when I hit the same
> problem (find stopped working) in addition to other issues and I wasted
> 20 minutes trying to give feedback before giving up.

20 minutes to find the you needed to login? or you went past that? (not
trying to be dense, just curious)

> - If I'm browsing the web and I want Piggy Bank to record data I have to
> do at least 2 clicks--one to click the coin, one to click "save all".
> That's a hassle, and I'm not likely to do it since for a given page the
> Piggy Bank interface doesn't give me a whole lot more than the plain
> HTML view does. It would be nicer if Piggy Bank collected stuff in the
> background for all pages I visit, and then I can have a bunch of data
> about my interests without any extra effort.

We were unsure ourselves of what is the best way to do these things.

In piggy Bank 1.0, a sidebar was always populated with the results of
the page, but the speed of your browsing is damaged and it felt most of
the time intrusive (don't know about you but the amount of information I
would want to capture is a lot less than what I browse, not sure I would
like to pay a speed price for information I'm unlikely to use or even
care for).

We could allow you to save all the info with a single click. That would
make things a lot faster and would require only one click. (or we could
assign a key binding for that, so you would just hit, say '.' and it
would be saved)


Thanks for the feedback anyway, it's great stuff.

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