bibtex2rdf RDFizers and Longwell

From: Jon Crump <>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 10:54:32 -0700 (PDT)

Dear all,

I hope you won't mind if I interrupt this exciting work on Piggy Bank to
ask a foolish question about BibTEX -> RDF. To run this RDFizer I appear
to need the full directory:
bibtex2rdf/source/edu/mit/csail/haystack/rdf/converters. Maybe I also need
the contents of bibtex2rdf/libraries? Is there a zipped tar file for all
this or do I have to download each file individually and recreate the
directory structure? Is there an FTP address for these things that would
make downloading whole directories easier? Or am I missing something

On another matter. I'm still not able to run Longwell on a windows XP box,
per the build log I sent 14 July. Has anyone an idea on how to get
past this. Surely someone has managed to run Longwell on Windows?

J.J. Crump
Dept. of History 353560
University of Washington
Seattle, WA. 98195
Received on Sat Aug 06 2005 - 17:51:09 EDT

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