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From: Matthew Cockerill <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:37:19 +0100


Yes, broadly similar to HubMed.
[Though the previous discussion on this list about authors is still
unresolved from my point of view, so not quite sure yet what we'll do
on that front.

I agree that there seem to be various curious omissions/decisions in
the PRISM ontology (though I'm no expert, to put it mildly, on
PRISM or on the technicalities of RDF ontologies)

i.e. as you say, there appears to be no way to express in PRISM what
class an item belongs to , only ways to express its bibliographic
So you forced to use another ontology to say what it 'is'. Eric seems
to have used the BibTeX ontology, whereas our working model had been
to kind of opt out of the issue by simply using an rss <item>. I'll
raise that question with people who know more about PRISM.


On 10 Aug 2005, at 15:37, Eric Miller wrote:

> On Aug 10, 2005, at 9:15 AM, Matthew Cockerill wrote:
>> This in fact ties back to my original question, when joining the
>> list, about the best ontology(ies) to use for bibliographic data.
>> Right now, BMC is planning to go the route of RSS+dublin core+PRISM.
> Would this be similar then to how hubmed makes their data available?
> e.g.
> I've been out of the PRISM world for a while, but at the time there
> seemed to focus on properties related to Published materials rather
> than class declarations. I'm wondering if there is a notion of
> prism:Publication that DSpace might be able to leverage but can't
> seem to find the schema. :(
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> eric miller
> semantic web activity lead
> w3c world wide web consortium
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