Re: [announcement] DSpace Scraper - Reloaded

From: MacKenzie Smith <kenzie_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 18:47:35 -0400

At 02:49 PM 8/10/2005 -0400, Eric Miller wrote:
>>I'm happy to change that in anything else you want, but honestly I
>>don't care what it is.
>Rewind... I don't really care either, but I suspect the DSpace folks
>do. You're scraper is a great initial step towards wrapping this data
>and exposing this as RDF. That said, I'd like to get some input from
>the DSpace folks as to how best to model this. Given a source XHTML
>document and a target RDF/XML instance data there is no doubt in my
>mind you can (or better yet someone else) can modify the scraper. I'd
>like to find some DSpace folk at this point who can help with that
>MacKenzie, can you help connect the dots here. Are there Dspace folk
>you know that might be able to help?

I can ask (in a couple of weeks, or Stefano can post something to the list)
but I'm doubtful we will find anyone with strong opinions on this...
they will generally be looking to us (collectively) for guidance.

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