tagging, annotation and del.icio.us posting

From: Alf Eaton <lists_at_hubmed.org>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 20:06:06 -0400

A few possibilities I can think of to improve Piggy Bank's tagging

1) When tagging web pages with the little sliding window, make an
animation or change the button state while submitting the tags, just
to show that something's happening (sometimes this takes a while).

2) Make the 'Tag' button shown after importing resources say 'Tag and
Save' if the resource hasn't been saved yet.

3) Add an 'annotation' field, similar to tags but free text (as an
aside, this annotation text is what I'd like to see displayed in the
info bubble for a marker on a Google map).

4) Add a checkbox next to each imported resource that gives the
option of posting to del.icio.us (ie rather than, or as well as,
publishing to a Semantic Bank) at the same time as storing the
resource locally (with the del.icio.us username and password stored
in preferences).

5) An option to use space-separated instead of comma-separated tags?

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