Re: Piggy Bank install feedback

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 08:05:43 -0400


Very glad to hear from a happy user :-) !!!

Just a quick note: maybe you can try to change your URL pattern to


When you get your scraper to work, please feel free to share it with us
here, too.



Paolo Castagna wrote:

>Piggy Bank works fine to me.
>OS = GNU/Linux (Fedora Core 3)
>JVM = Java 1.5.0_04
>Browser = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.10)
>Gecko/20050909 Fedora/1.0.6-1.2.fc3
>Now I am using Piggy Bank behind a web proxy.
>If you are in the same situation and you want to use
>Piggy Bank, please, follow the instructions here:
>I have tried to install (activate and deactivate) some
>screen scrapers. They works fine to me. The screen
>scraper for + Google Map is very useful
>... it will be nice to have the "version" for
>too. ;-)
>While I was playing with the UI of Piggy Bank I have
>seen that the small icons for screen scrapers were
>not more visible. I reinstalled Piggy Bank to try to
>replicate/find the problem... but I had no more
>I am trying to write a simple screen scraper but
>when I install and activate it I do not see any Piggy
>Bank icon to launch the scraping... my URL pattern
>is: ^http://www\.google\.com/search
>I am trying Semantic Bank too. I am using the
>binary release: semantic-bank-2.0b1.tar.gz
>I would like to have a better tags navigation on the
>left (something similar to, of course) and
>a tree view on the right for RDF classes.
>I am waiting for a way to edit metadata and add
>statements manually to Piggy Bank.
>And, last but not least, a way to run SPARQL query
>with some APIs.
>... but I think I can survive in the meantime. :-)
>Great job guys,
>an happy Piggy Bank user.
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