RE#2: SEMANTIC-BANK Q&A: Neither sh- or bat-scripts will finalize cleanly

From: Patrik Holmer <>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:37:12 +0200

Ryan, again, thank's for a quick response.

It's obvious I'm missing the apparent, but this is what it looks like at my
end of the stick:

Initially following the instructions available at or more specifically the
last paragraph:

To include 'starting points' and descriptive labels in your bank, or any
other RDF on your filesystem, run your installation with the directory as
another argument after the properties file (make sure to do this in the
correct order, the ontologies must be loaded first):
./ run src/rdf/ontologies
# stop after it starts properly
./ run src/rdf/configurations
With no errors echoed, I expected to see a default Semantic Bank, as
depicted on the page What I
got, running the ending session with the parameters "src/rdf/configurations
src/rdf/facades", was a basic Semantic Bank. No starting point and no
descriptive labels, with the warning "None of the predefined starting points
contains data".
Now, with no further references provided - that I know of - on this site and
with no further process feedback, than an execution echo or a flurry of
event responses when pressing CTRL+C or Break in DOS or signalling
STOP-TERMINATE-KILL in Linux to stop the first session, I'm past rasing only
one swedish eyebrow and have resorted to trying every trick in the book -
i.e. "...just close the console".
I assume I'll have to drop this subject, load the project into Eclipse and
reach my own findings - when time given. 
// Patrik
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Från: Ryan Lee [] 
Skickat: torsdag den 20 oktober 2005 21:12
Ämne: Re: RE#1: SEMANTIC-BANK Q&A: Neither sh- or bat-scripts will finalize
Patrik Holmer wrote:
> -B-
> Regarding semantic-bank-2.1.tar/zip as of the 19-oct-2005, 15:22: The 
> current problem persists in Semantic-Bank. Neither of the following 
> default scripts will finalize in XPP-cmd or Linux /bin/bash:
Hello Patrik,
If, by 'finalize,' you mean 'ends up giving me a prompt after finishing,'
you are expecting the wrong thing to happen.  You've started a service, and
it's not going to stop until you tell it to (ctrl-C while in the console in
Linux, I think the same in Windows, or 'kill,' or end process in a task
manager).  If this is not what you mean, please be extremely clear about
your expectations as I'm not seeing anything unexpected (painfully clear, if
Because you try to keep starting new semantic bank instances on the same
port while the first one is running, none of the other data will get loaded.
Start one, then stop it when nothing is being reported to the console -
don't just close the console - and repeat until you've loaded what you want
to load.
Ryan Lee       
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