Re: RE#1: SEMANTIC-BANK Q&A: Neither sh- or bat-scripts will finalize cleanly

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 15:11:40 -0400

Patrik Holmer wrote:
> -B-
> Regarding semantic-bank-2.1.tar/zip as of the 19-oct-2005, 15:22: The
> current problem persists in Semantic-Bank. Neither of the following default
> scripts will finalize in XPP-cmd or Linux /bin/bash:

Hello Patrik,

If, by 'finalize,' you mean 'ends up giving me a prompt after
finishing,' you are expecting the wrong thing to happen. You've started
a service, and it's not going to stop until you tell it to (ctrl-C while
in the console in Linux, I think the same in Windows, or 'kill,' or end
process in a task manager). If this is not what you mean, please be
extremely clear about your expectations as I'm not seeing anything
unexpected (painfully clear, if necessary!).

Because you try to keep starting new semantic bank instances on the same
port while the first one is running, none of the other data will get
loaded. Start one, then stop it when nothing is being reported to the
console - don't just close the console - and repeat until you've loaded
what you want to load.

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