OpenDocument and XMP

From: Bruce D'Arcus <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 20:03:11 -0500

oops, sent to the wrong list ...

People here may be interested in commenting on this new discussion
piece on adding RDF, and potentially Adobe's XMP, to OpenDocument:

It's authored by Alan Lillich, who is an XMP engineer at Adobe, and has
just joined the OpenDocument TC to help resolve the metadata discussion
that has been taking place there over the past few months.

My suspicion is that some of the technical conclusions he makes about
XMP and its relation to RDF may well be a little controversial in the
RDF world, so am hoping it gets widely reviewed. While it's not a
proposal per se, it will help set the ground for further discussion as
the TC gets closer to specific recommendations.

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