Re: geo-coordinates in Solvent

From: Dean Allemang <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 18:11:31 -0500

David Huynh wrote:

> By the way, if you have written scrapers, please please please share
> some with us
> - publish them to
> - or tell us here on this mailing list or email us individually and we
> can link to your scrapers from our list
> This is so that we can soon tell other people, look, it's not just us
> Similers who do the scraping... and so that I can tell my thesis
> advisors, see, I told you it's gonna work!
> (Don't worry too much about quality. We need quantity and diversity at
> this moment. Then we can fine tune the scripts later on.)
> Thanks!
> David
> .

I want to help you - you are doing very important work.

I routinely create scrapers with Solvent (and after learning about the
"arrow", I'm going to do even more!). I never save them; after all,
they are quite simple to create.

Should I be saving them somewhere, if only to help you make your point?
It will mean changing my personal discipline, to actually organize the
work I do, but I can make a sacrifice . . .

If the answer to this is "yes", point me to the pages that tell me what
I have to do.

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