Re: RDF DB Shootout: Preliminary Results

From: Dean Allemang <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 09:36:29 -0500

Vineet Sinha wrote:

> There has been some interest in this mailing list on RDF DB
> comparisons. Below is part of my write-up of preliminary results found
> while building a DB Shootout suite. I will appreciate any comments.
> Vineet

It is too bad you weren't able to get Redland running in your test
harness; completely unscientific and anecdotal evidence we have from a
very large data import task indicates that it runs roughly 10x faster
than Sesame (in the particular anecdotal situation, the dataset size was
so large that this 10x meant the difference between an overnight load,
and one that would take a processer running full tilt for a week; a
rather daunting proposition).

I would love to see the results of a controlled experiment on this.

Thanks for publishing this; it is very useful information.

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