Piggy-Bank and rdfx-files (incl. short introduction)

From: Svensson, Lars <svensson_at_dbf.ddb.de>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 08:50:21 +0100

Hi all,

<introduction type="short">
I'm in the Department of the German National Library dealing with
development (Java) in general and have got the task to find out about
the Semantic Web, in what way we as a national library can use SW
technologies, and in what way we can contribute. For a start, I will
probably come up with all kinds of stupid questions (maybe not all of
them related to Simile) -- please bear with me!
I subscribed to this list more than a year ago, but due to some kind of
work overload stopped reading it around mid-June last year. Now I spent
the beginning of 2006 catching up with the discussion since. Is it still
OK to reply to some older threads now?

Now for a question:

When browsing some rdf-enabled pages and saving bits to Piggy-Bank
(Piggy-Bank 2.1.1 on Firefox 1.5), I came across seeAlso-references to
*.xrdf-files (like http://www.aaronsw.com/about.xrdf). When I open the
file (dereference the URI) I get something looking like a perfectly
valid foaf-file, but the Piggy-Bank data coin doesn't show up. Im I
doing something wrong? Or is it that the content-type is sent as


Dr. Lars G. Svensson
Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Informationstechnik / Projekt DDC-Deutsch
Tel.: 069 / 1525 - 1752
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