Re: no coordinates in my starbucks piggy bank results

From: Susan Hardin <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:07:22 -0500

We pulled down the new build (Jan 11th). The Starbucks demo now brings
up coordinates. Great!

However, any test on the results in a
pop up window asking how many additional pages I'd like to load. When
I enter '1' I get a new popup window that says:

Piggy Bank Loading additional Pages:
   Please wait while this screen sraper loads additional relevant web

If I enter 5, then I get five urls in the list of relevant web pages.

What is happening? I see similar responses to other scrapers like the
WorlCat library example. Is this a firewall issue? Something else?


On Jan 10, 2006, at 11:35 AM, Stefano Mazzocchi .wrote:

> Susan Hardin wrote:
>> When I first installed Piggybank and the Starbucks scraper I had no
>> problems getting the appropriate results along with the coordinates
>> for mapping. Since the first day though, the results still appear
>> fine but the coordinates facet does not appear.
>> I've installed Piggybank on other machines in the last few days and
>> the same thing is happening on them- no coordinates. (Yes, I've gone
>> through the steps to get Google Map Key).
>> We'd like to demo piggy bank with coordinates mapping in a U of Mich
>> course next week and need to have at least one example that demos
>> well.
>> Any suggestions about what is happening and how to fix it? Any other
>> demo suggestions?
> Had the exact same problem the other day before presenting to the
> Getty Foundation: Google changed the way they do address lookup (which
> is not part of their stable API) and broke all versions of Piggy Bank
> before wednesday last week.
> My suggestion, for now, is to install a nightly build from:
> (the last one, the one at the bottom should work)
> Let us know how that went.
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