RE: A bit of bomb throwing....

From: Prokopp, Christian <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:03:27 +0800

You are making valid points but I think also contradicting yourself. On
the one hand you ask the researches to come down from their ivory tower
and meet the practical needs and on the other you complain that when
they do (like SIMILE) that it is not the 101% semantic web you would
like it to be. Some of your arguments also apply to any new technology
(e.g. you could have made all your barrier points about the WWW too).
I was very pleasantly surprised when I cam across SIMILE - a realistic
approach to bring semantic web technologies to the masses and on top
added some documentation and usability consideration. It also orients
itself at a real world use case so I really have trouble following all
your points. Maybe you picked the wrong project for your argument ;o)

No hard feelings but I strongly disagree although in general I could
agree with some points in your analysis but just not with SIMILE.

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