RE: no coordinates in my starbucks piggy bank results

From: Prokopp, Christian <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:04:41 +0800

No might take me 5 minutes to get through a craigslist page but
eventually it works. Maybe David or Stefano have an idea?!


From: Susan Hardin []
Sent: Saturday, 14 January 2006 1:47 AM
Subject: Re: no coordinates in my starbucks piggy bank results

I understand how this should work, but for some reason I never get past
the point of being told that additional pages are being loaded. I choose
0 or 1 for additional pages, to minimize the amount of time it would
take to get results, and still my browser just churns and churns. That
window never goes away, and no results appear. Since it never gets past
this point, it never steps into the "waiting for Google coordinates"
popup window. This occurs on all machines I've tested. Seems that it is
in a loop or something, or not finding the additional pages.

Thinking that my home networks (ISDN and Satellite) were too slow, I
tried it several times on the university's high speed network this
morning. Same results.

I experimented with creating a couple of scrapers using solvent last
night for single pages and things went very well. However, any attempts
at working with multiple pages seemed to stall out or hang. I would have
to restart Firefox to be able stop the current process so I could retry
running the scraper (using solvent).

My primary machine is a Mac, running 10.3.9, the other Mac is running
10.4.x(?) and both machines are running Firefox 1.5. The other machine
is a PC, running XP and Firefox 1.5. All are running Piggy Bank 2.1.2
(Jan 11th build).

Any ideas on what's happening?

Susan Hardin
Webmaster -
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