RE: A bit of bomb throwing....

From: Prokopp, Christian <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:12:10 +0800

"Not the case. Im advocating that semantic web research be done within
established open-source communities meeting 'real-world' needs of
partners instead of in isolation as examples."
SIMILE source is available as BSD license?!
"What is the path to industry adoption of semantic web technologies?
All I see are obstacles: threatened business models (such as SAPs')
stalling and early adopters (such as SalesForce) opting for the much
simpler and easier approach of REST API's."
There is no such thing as a threatened business model that prevents
development - if the classic models would be so threatened everyone
would be throwing money at the semantic web to be the first (remember
the bubble).
Obviously the simple and easy approach is the best for business at the
moment - no one can change that - market force is independent.

"I think the much more aligned and willing allies of the semantic web
are the tinkerer's: open-source developers and entrepreneurs. In fact
it is these people who are currently paving the way for automated
data-interchange on the web (RSS, microformats, etc)."
RSS is an extraordinary example - besides that the tinkerer are the ones
paving the way for research and industry after checking out millions of
ideas - something that would not be viable for the latter two. They are
very important.

"We are eight years down this path. It isn't working - at-least not fast

It is not working for you and not fast enough for you - everything is
relative. Sure everyone would like everything faster and better and
cheaper and ... (assuming we talk from a common western cultural
approach) ... That is what drives us and if it doesn't we would not
even have SIMILE but you can always see the glass half full or half

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