Re: A bit of bomb throwing....

From: Zack Rosen <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:44:50 -0800

This sounds promising :) I'll look forward to hearing more specifics
about what you are developing.


On Jan 16, 2006, at 11:10 PM, Rickard Öberg wrote:

> Hey
> Zack Rosen wrote:
>> Why aren't these tools being employed in real world use cases?
>> Why are they being built in silo'd development environments? Why
>> aren't researches collaborating effectively with organizations,
>> businesses, and open-source developers actively pursuing semantic
>> web concepts?
> I can only speak for myself, but I've been kind of watching the SW
> stuff for a while, but didn't look further due to the lack of
> tools. I'm in the business space by the way, building software
> products. Anyway, PB definitely opened my eyes to this stuff on a
> practical basis, and some research later and internal lobbying and
> we now have a decision to implement RDF as the internal engine for
> how we manage information in our stuff. I am actually today doing a
> spike testing if we could replace the entire persistence solution
> with objects in Sesame instead. None of us could come up with a
> better way to deal with the problems we've been having with how to
> successfully manage and query very disconnected types of data. As
> long as performance works out, we're all for it.
> I've also invited (by means of proxy) Stefano to hold a keynote on
> SW at the next major developer conference here in Sweden, which he
> accepted. That should help spread the word some.
> It may not be much, but at least it's something.
> /Rickard
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