RE: A bit of bomb throwing....

From: Prokopp, Christian <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:06:35 +0800

> As I said because they have different interests e.g. business =
> profit,
> university = research funds and open source community = (for them)
> useful implemenatation - they might overlap but do not have to.

SIMILI's mission is to 'enhance inter-operability among digital
assets, schemata/vocabularies/ontologies, metadata, and services' not
to pursue research funds. This mission overlaps greatly with open-
source communities such as Drupal and Wordpress. What is the
reasoning behind SIMILE not pursuing collaboration?
This would be one of the overlaps (they might still work for funds,
papers, PhD (e.g. David) - I don't know all their details). Why don't
you ask: 'Drupal's and Wordpress's mission overlaps with SIMILE - why
don't they pursue collaboration?' ;-) and then we are back where Stefano
(I think) started - join/collaborate or do something else. Personally I
wonder if the interest is *that* great (yet) from any side because you
seem to be the only one really eager about this collaboration or else
people would be all over each others mail lists and already implement
with each other. There is no one stopping or preventing it but it seems
the interest is not big enough yet for people to spend their resources
on this. Sure it is a bit the chicken-egg problem but that is no one's
I for my part found something interesting in SIMILE and will work with
it and contribute to it wherever my interests cross theirs and it seems
there are an increasing amount of people doing that which comes back to
your desire for an active open source community - it takes time but I
think this project is on its way there.
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