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From: Erik Hatcher <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:44:26 -0500

On Jan 18, 2006, at 2:19 PM, Zack Rosen wrote:
> Which developers conference are you referring to?

The No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium circuit is featuring a couple of
semweb presentations this season, presented by my friend Brian Sletten:


He presented semweb technologies to several groups at the University
of Virginia (my employer) a few months ago, including some practical
demonstrations using FOAF, iTunes, and more, and leveraging the quite
powerful Kowari engine.

I've been building a system based on RDF which is aiming to be the (errr... Simpy!) and Flickr of 19th century literature.
We've got nothing public to show for it just yet, but we do have an
alpha quality system being tested by the NINES (
board. If we had more money (therefore more developers besides just
myself, and a web designer, and sys admin) we'd be much further
along. Zack, can you get us some funding?! :) [Note, we're in
the process of reapplying for grant money, which keeps us going as-
is, but we're hurting for hardware too]

In theory all of work is open source, but we're just not equipped
with the resources to do as nice a job of it as the SIMILE team
does. We'd love to have an issue tracker, Subversion (we're
currently using CVS), a more public presence, but we also don't
currently have the staff to manage all of that infrastructure and the
increased attention we'd get. We also have a much more narrow focus
for our domain, as we're intentionally focused on 19th century
literature objects and educating the archive owners on how to RDFize
their material. The tool I'm building, Collex, is going to be much
more general purpose than just that domain though. The brief
description is we're building a system to allow scholars to collect
peer-reviewed digital "objects" and then to build exhibits using
those objects.

On a different note, I haven't seen mention of Kowari in the real-
world scalable engines. I've had great success with it, and it is
most definitely being used in industry, primarily defense related.
Defense projects most definitely make serious use of semweb, so look
there for examples. I know of folks that have worked on DARPA
projects involving semweb technologies, and that work is public domain.

Also, what about the MIND group? - some
heavy duty stuff coming from there, it seems.

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