RDF tagged data and Views in Piggy Bank

From: Anupam Jain <anupamja_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 13:25:22 -0800


I have been using Solvent/Piggy Bank for quite sometime trying to make and use

I had two questions :

1) Is there anyway I can access the 'pure' information directly ? (without using
Piggy Bank). For example, Can I view the html page with 'tagged RDF data' or
the RDF Model itself? The reason I ask that is, suppose I want to do more
advanced processing with the extracted data, if I have the data in my own
database, for example, then it would be easier for me to process it.

2) I have been playing around with the 'Views' in piggy bank but could not
really get them working/get to know what they are about. I dont think there is
still a documentation for that. Can you breifly tell me, what do they actually

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