Data quality

From: Steven Githens <>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 15:51:10 -0600

Hello Simile,

Hi everyone, thanks for writing all the code in the Simile svn
repository, they are really fun projects to play with. We're working on
a sort of Semantic Syllabus tool for one of our freshmen chemistry
courses, parts of which may end up just being modified Longwell views.
The fresnel code looks cool too, but I'm guessing that's still not ready
for production???

After reading Stefano's blog entry about merging high quality data sets
and getting lower quality data sets, I was wondering if anyone could
give me some pointers about inputing our data, good tools to use for
doing this, and keeping it useful in the future.

We have a few people that are about to start entering metadata from the
textbooks we use, like table of contents, which chapters we use, notes
about them etc, which the idea that future courses can reference them,
making it easier for students to review previous courses.. etc etc.

I'm still very new to the RDF scene, so any pointers to input tools or
"down to earth" articles that give examples of using the standard
vocabularies to do this would be useful.


Steven Githens, Chicago IL
Received on Sat Feb 11 2006 - 21:51:57 EST

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