Re: Mixing RSS and geo data a no-no?

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 17:15:20 -0500

Piggy Bank uses the Informa 0.6.0 library to parse RSS. Maybe Informa
can't take geo: stuff. Please open the Java console and see if there's
any error from Informa.

You might want to try to separate the geo: data out to a different link,
in RDF/XML or N3 format.


Simon Brooke wrote:

>Having played a bit with Piggy Bank, I decided to hack geo: data into my
>RSS in order to try to get the automatic mapping feature to work; and
>all that happened was that Piggy Bank stopped working for my pages
>Example, two websites, both running very similar versions of my PRES
>This works, at least with Piggy Bank in my Firefox; I get the RDF 'coin'
>icon in the lower right, and when I click on it, Piggy Bank analyses
>the RSS and gives me a useful display.
>This is the same software except with geographic data hacked in; again I
>get the RDF 'coin' icon, but when I click on it I get 'No typed data
>Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong? Are you just not allowed to add
>geo data to RSS like that? Any suggestions for how I could prepare
>suitable geo data for Piggy Bank and similar systems?
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