A lazy poll - revisited

From: Patrik Holmer <NNTP.psbh_at_telia.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 23:52:51 +0100


I read somewhere in the weekly reports in this forum that Piggy Bank has(?)
migrated from triple (n3) to rdfxml. So, I figured, I'd leave the "curl -v
http://foo:8888/bank/bank?command=upload -d _at_file.n3" behind and start using
"curl -v http://foo:8888/bank/bank?command=upload&format=rdfxml -d
_at_file.rdf" - or rather ""curl -v -d @file.rdf...". But, as a user of the
TAG:ged Semantic-Bank 2.1.1, I always end up HTTPExceptioned 400 - Bad
request. Same thing happens POST:ing with Libwww and comline. Even when
using the rdf-files provided by Semantic-Bank 2.1.1 and something as stable
as Ubuntu Linux.

Any ideas, anyone? Steve?

// Patrik

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Ämne: Re: A lazy poll - of sorts

On 1/26/06, Patrik Holmer <NNTP.psbh_at_telia.com> wrote:
> Before I start-off reinventing the wheel in Semantic Bank...
> A brief poll on avoiding the stop-restart-routine and the manual
> "wafer-thin-mint" Monty-routine through Piggy Bank or - say - Sesame
> for each RDF-file: Has anyone automated a feeding of the monster?

When I've feeling lazy, I tend to use:

  curl -v http://foo:8888/bank/bank?command=upload -d _at_file.n3 or
  curl -v http://foo:8888/bank/bank?command=upload&format=rdfxml -d

One downside is that relative urls (e.g. _at_prefix : <#>) end up munged.
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