Re: [Bulk] Re: allowAdd

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 11:22:06 -0500

Hi Marco,

> I've downloaded the code from the address I found on the link "Browse
> the code", using svn. Using file search, I've found that "allowAdd" is
> never mentioned in the code, it's present only in files.

How exactly did you obtain your copy of Longwell, and when did you do
it? If you did it via Subversion checkout, which path did you use, and
which revision are you at?

> So, I guess that the flag is there for software built on the top of
> Longwell, like Semantic Bank and Piggy Bank. Right?

allowAdd is strictly a Longwell 1.x feature, unrelated to the banks.
1.x and 2.x are totally separate codebases.

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