Re: Pending vocabulary issues + further proceeding

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 16:52:36 +0200

Ryan Lee wrote:
> Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
>> Ryan Lee wrote:
>>> I'd like to call for a brainstorm on different names here; I feel
>>> 'style' is misleading in this context. I'm not attached to transform,
>>> though the justification in my mind is that it's supposed to describe
>>> changing the labels of and embellishing the actual content. I consider
>>> 'style' to be a last resort in case we can't think of anything more
>>> appropriate.
>> I more or less share your point of view. But I don't have any
>> suggestion right now.
> - (content) customization
> - folding
> - mixing
> - remixing
> - garnishing
> - transform
> - style
> I had cooking on my mind...

None of these clearly conveys what this part does in a clear manner. All
address only specific parts of it. It is difficult...

>>> I'll point back at a workshop position paper that's due July 30.
>>> Shall we use that as a solid target and pick dates based on that
>>> deadline?
>> Yes. I reread de CfP for this workshop, and I think we definitely need
>> to submit something there. Let's consider this as our "final"
>> deadline, knowing that verything else should be in place before then
>> (especially the web site).
> What are we aiming to accomplish by then?
> - concensus on Fresnel goals
> - finalize terms
> - publish core ontology that's as complete in its description as possible
> - publish Fresnel website to
> - experience reports?

Yes. Experience reports, I'm not sure. Would you be willing to do that?
Anyone else?

> DavidK appears to be on the program committee.
> I can guess at what a position paper should say, though I've not written
> one. Could our topic be on how Fresnel can be used to increase user-end
> comprehension of information represented in RDF?

Yes. If we write a position paper, it can be just about what we are
aiming at, with an overview of our approach (tech details are not

> How much of Fresnel
> needs to be in a working state to make those claims?


>>> On a different note, I checked out and compiled and am starting to
>>> look into how to integrate Emmanuel's FSL code into my work in progress.
>> You mean the ANTLR-based FSL parser? I still have a lot of work to do
>> on this. I've been busy with the VL/HCC conference and other stuff for
>> the past few weeks, but I plan to resume work on this implementation
>> very soon. Ryan, are you waiting for something specific on this side
>> from me?
> Not really; our repository examples don't work in it, but that seems to
> be because of the PREFIX information. I presume you've thought about
> how to take the parse tree to Jena to get a set of results back and was
> wondering if you were going to write that bit or if I could help?

I'm working on getting a more usable representation of the expression
than the current AST. Once I have this, I will have to write the code
that actually evaluates an FSL expression on a model.

As far as this PREFIX problem is concerned, I haven't given it much
thought yet. Did we agree on how to declare these in Fresnel? I don't
think so.

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