Re: AW: AW: Fresnel instance and class lenses and lens specifity function

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 09:21:31 +0200

Chris Bizer wrote:

>> Reading the current version of the manual, a terminology consistency
>> issue arose, but before discussing it I want to close this discussion.
>> Do you still have concerns/problems/... about this?
> No, my misunderstanding of FSL. Problem solved.

Before I begin editing the Fresnel Vocab document, there is one
terminology issue that we need to discuss.

The current version uses lensDomain / instanceLensDomain /
classFormatDomain / instanceFormatDomain.

This is not very consistent; we should either have:
lensDomain / instanceLensDomain / formatDomain / instanceFormatDomain
classLensDomain / instanceLensDomain / classFormatDomain /

But actually, thinking about all this, and considering that we
eventually agreed that this distinction only makes sense for simple
selectors, I would like to propose slightly different names (ordered the
same as above):
classLensDomain / lensDomain / classFormatDomain / formatDomain

Rationale for this change: as we agreed upon, making the distinction
between class*Domain and instance*Domain only makes sense for simple
selectors, but not for FSL/SPARQL. But if we really had to choose
between instance*Domain and class*Domain for FSL/SPARQL selectors, we
would choose instance*Domain (that's what we do throughout the manual).

So it is actually better to use the "unqualified" name (i.e.,
lensDomain/formatDomain) for replacing instance*Domain rather than
class*Domain. This way we can still make the distinction between class
and instance domains for simple selectors, and it does not look
weird/confusing for FSL/SPARQL selectors.

Is that okay with you?

Emmanuel Pietriga
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