Re: AW: AW: Fresnel instance and class lenses and lens specifity function

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:28:56 +0200

Ryan Lee wrote:
> Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
>> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> >> Reading the current version of the manual, a terminology consistency
>> >> issue arose, but before discussing it I want to close this
>> discussion.
>> >> Do you still have concerns/problems/... about this?
>>> No, my misunderstanding of FSL. Problem solved.
>> Before I begin editing the Fresnel Vocab document, there is one
>> terminology issue that we need to discuss.
>> The current version uses lensDomain / instanceLensDomain /
>> classFormatDomain / instanceFormatDomain.
>> This is not very consistent; we should either have:
>> lensDomain / instanceLensDomain / formatDomain / instanceFormatDomain
>> or:
>> classLensDomain / instanceLensDomain / classFormatDomain /
>> instanceFormatDomain
> I think the complete list of domain properties includes formatDomain:
> lensDomain, instanceLensDomain, formatDomain, classFormatDomain,
> instanceFormatDomain.
> formatDomain expects properties or lists of properties in core. Unless
> you were driving home a point just about the resource-type domain
> properties, I think it makes your proposal below a bit incomplete.
> Maybe propertyFormatDomain?

Yes, I was only considering resource-type domain properties. I didn't
actually considered the case of formats, just lenses, stupidly thinking
that it would be the same for formats. But you're right.

I consider my proposal to be ok for lenses, but I'm not sure it is good
for formats, even if we add propertyFormatDomain. Let me finish editing
the Fresnel manual (I'll be done tomorrow), and I'll post an adapted
proposal to the list.

>> But actually, thinking about all this, and considering that we
>> eventually agreed that this distinction only makes sense for simple
>> selectors, I would like to propose slightly different names (ordered
>> the same as above):
>> classLensDomain / lensDomain / classFormatDomain / formatDomain
>> Rationale for this change: as we agreed upon, making the distinction
>> between class*Domain and instance*Domain only makes sense for simple
>> selectors, but not for FSL/SPARQL. But if we really had to choose
>> between instance*Domain and class*Domain for FSL/SPARQL selectors, we
>> would choose instance*Domain (that's what we do throughout the manual).
>> So it is actually better to use the "unqualified" name (i.e.,
>> lensDomain/formatDomain) for replacing instance*Domain rather than
>> class*Domain. This way we can still make the distinction between class
>> and instance domains for simple selectors, and it does not look
>> weird/confusing for FSL/SPARQL selectors.
>> Is that okay with you?
> It doesn't quite fit with making the most used terms compact, but it is
> more consistent.

It is true that the alternative is more compact since people will
probably tend to use more class selectors than instance selectors, but
in my opinion consistency is more important.

> I can accept that.

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