Re: FSL engine for Sesame

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:39:17 -0500

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>> Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
>>> FYI,
>>> I've commited the first version of the FSL engine for Sesame in
>>> IsaViz' CVS repository [1]. It works with Sesame 2-alpha1.
>>> I still have to add a few methods for making it easier to specify the
>>> repository on which to evaluate the path expression, but that's just
>>> API cosmetics.
>>> [1]
>> Emmanuel,
>> Thanks for getting this out so quickly.
>> As Sesame 2 is still in alpha and we haven't made the jump there for any
>> SIMILE code, I needed to adapt your work to Sesame 1.2.2. This was
>> mostly just a matter of switching out the *Vertex code for the older
>> style of finding things in the store and using the older way of
>> loading data into a Graph.
> That's good news. We have kind of a 4th implementation. Once you've
> finalized it, could we consider making it available publicly as a
> standalone JAR, as I've done for the Jena and Sesame 2 implementations ?

I'd be glad to, but I'd also like to keep it under version control. I'm
not sure how best to do that - the easiest way to just get it done is to
fork from your codebase and store it somewhere on, but I
don't know that forking is a good thing considering the small number of
changes needed.

>> I had to remove anything that referred to Jena or IsaViz, so in my
>> version the FSLHierarchyStore code and any referrers were removed, as
>> were the Jena evaluator and IsaViz evaluator.
> Right, I forgot to clean up and adapt the hierarchy store specifically
> for Sesame. I should probably do some cleaning in there.

Let me know if you do - is there any way to subscribe to the CVS commit
record? I recall there was an RSS feed for commits, but it's a
Team-only feature.

>> Sesame 1.2.2 lacks the RDFS/OWL awareness that Jena has (not sure
>> about later versions), so this version of the Fresnel engine I'm
>> trying to build is probably not going to be subclass/property aware.
> As we discussed earlier with David on the list, this is not a
> requirement. So that's fine.
>> Could you provide the tests/fsl-test-model.rdf referred to in
>> SesameTest? I'd like to check how my changes worked out.
> Attached to this email.

Thanks; looks like they run fine.

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