Re: FSL engine for Sesame

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:01:17 +0100

Ryan Lee wrote:

>>> As Sesame 2 is still in alpha and we haven't made the jump there for any
>>> SIMILE code, I needed to adapt your work to Sesame 1.2.2. This was
>>> mostly just a matter of switching out the *Vertex code for the older
>>> style of finding things in the store and using the older way of
>>> loading data into a Graph.
>> That's good news. We have kind of a 4th implementation. Once you've
>> finalized it, could we consider making it available publicly as a
>> standalone JAR, as I've done for the Jena and Sesame 2 implementations ?
> I'd be glad to, but I'd also like to keep it under version control. I'm
> not sure how best to do that - the easiest way to just get it done is to
> fork from your codebase and store it somewhere on, but I
> don't know that forking is a good thing considering the small number of
> changes needed.

Are you only talking about your specific specific class for Sesame
1.2.2, or about having a complete standalone src code version including
the grammar and shared part of the code (FSLEvaluator, FSLPath, etc.)?

As far as I am concerned, hosting the Sesame122 evaluator in Simile's
SVN repository is fine. I would just like to avoid duplicating the code
for everything else (all the FSLPath stuff that is repository type
independent, and FSLEvaluator which centralizes all that can be shared
across implementations). If making the Sesame122 evaluator part of a
package other than org.w3c.IsaViz.fresnel causes access restriction
issues, let me know and I'll make the required changes.

>>> I had to remove anything that referred to Jena or IsaViz, so in my
>>> version the FSLHierarchyStore code and any referrers were removed, as
>>> were the Jena evaluator and IsaViz evaluator.
>> Right, I forgot to clean up and adapt the hierarchy store specifically
>> for Sesame. I should probably do some cleaning in there.
> Let me know if you do - is there any way to subscribe to the CVS commit
> record? I recall there was an RSS feed for commits, but it's a
> Team-only feature.

Not that I know of.

>>> Sesame 1.2.2 lacks the RDFS/OWL awareness that Jena has (not sure
>>> about later versions), so this version of the Fresnel engine I'm
>>> trying to build is probably not going to be subclass/property aware.
>> As we discussed earlier with David on the list, this is not a
>> requirement. So that's fine.
>>> Could you provide the tests/fsl-test-model.rdf referred to in
>>> SesameTest? I'd like to check how my changes worked out.
>> Attached to this email.
> Thanks; looks like they run fine.


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