Re: Cannot make Fresnel Implementation Working

From: Zak Mc Kracken <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 11:21:51 +0100

Ryan Lee wrote:

> Presumably you mean, not

Yes,, sorry...

>> I've included in the classpath all the jars in lib, but unsuccesfully.
>> It looks like this package is really missing, what a pity...
> Which OS are you using?

Mandrake 2006, Linux 2.6.15, Java and Ant downloaded by me (not the
RPMS). Ok I was trying ant directly, without using the more comfortable sorry for the silly careless...

> The package is supposed to be generated when you run ant. In a
> nutshell, the build process:
> - builds a schema generator [compile-schemagen task]
> - runs schemagen on Fresnel vocabularies [compile-vocabularies task]
> - everything else is compiled, with build/classes/ on the classpath

Ok! I ran and it worked, thank you. However and don't know how
to continue: I've tried to run some example, using, but
I don't understand what I should use as <conf>, <onto>, <data>, I guess
<onto> is some file in onto/ and data something in data/, but what about
<conf> ?

Moreover, it wasn't so clear that it wants URLs (file:///...) instead of
(possibly relative) paths.

So, I feel like some minimal documentation is missing. Something like a
tutorial that explains how to run some example and how the code is
organized or can be used inside your own code. I could write something
in change for some help/support in understanding the issue (or does it
already exist?).


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