Re: Sesame vs. Jena?

From: Ian Wilson <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 07:14:52 -0700

Great. I'm looking at large graph in memory storage and query
performance (SPARQL when available). I looked at the existing
Jena and Sesame 1.2.2 work in CVS - thanks for the reference.
Any thoughts to test Sesame 2 and the new SPARQL interface?
Or, Kowari? I am not familiar with 'cholesterol', but am open
to other suggestions. It's been about a year since I've looked
at Jena too.

I'm currently only working with Sesame 1.2.2, but plan to look
at Sesame 2 some time in 1-2 weeks. And Kowari in Dec. after
the docs release. The Kowari release dates (from sourceforge):

Code freeze: 17 October 2005
Documentation freeze: 10 December 2005
Release: 2 January 2006

I'd be happy to coordinate my testing with any guidelines or
test harnesses that you have developed. This would allow
another set of hardware and jvm configurations to test against
(and a larger memory space?). What are the configurations of
your testing hardware?


Vineet Sinha said the following on 11/8/2005 3:59 PM:
> Ian Wilson wrote:
>> Any update on the performance benchmarks mentioned below?
> We are currently working on this. Work had slown down because of
> conferences (ISWC05, etc), but things should pick up at the end of the
> week. Work is happening in the 'shootout' brabce, and we currently have
> a very basic suite and drivers/connectors for jena, sesame, and
> cholestrol. We would like to increase the coverage of the benchmarks
> before releasing.
> Vineet
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