Re: infoURI standard officially blessed

From: Leo Sauermann <>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:35:12 +0100

you guys run into a "Uri Crisis" discussion,
which is unsolveable. Its a kind of linguistic problem, that us techs
will never get.

see also:


Es begab sich aber zu der Zeit 14.11.2005 00:16, da MacKenzie Smith
> FYI, Tony Hammond at NPG pointed out to me that the info URI proposal
> has received the blessing of the IETF and is now an Official Standard
> NISO will maintain the namespace registry and let's hope they set it
> up soon!
> This will be a great help to us once the registry gets going as a way
> to reference
> things like PubMed records and published journal articles in a
> standardized URI
> kind of a way... we can even urge organizations like the Getty to
> register their
> vocabs so that we don't have to invent any more URIs!
> MacKenzie

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