Re: Scripting in PiggyBank

From: Chung Le <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 18:16:29 -0800

David Huynh wrote:

> I'm afraid you are the first to attempt this. Try to see if you can
> access the browser's chrome window from within Chickenfoot. "document"
> or "top" might be the right object. From there, maybe you can access
> Piggy Bank's script function hooked to the onclick event of the data
> coin icon, or that of the Browse Tidbits on This Page menu command.
> Let us know what you find.
With help from the Chickenfoot, especially Rob Miller, I was able to get
Chickenfoot to recognize Piggybank's datacoin! However, there seems to
be a synchronization problem. PiggyBank's datacoin must wait until the
new page has loaded before it can be invoked. Is there a way in
PiggyBank to tell it to wait for the entire page to load before
attempting to extracting data?

-- Chung --

> Thanks.
> David
> Chung Le wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> I am using Chickenfoot to automate my PiggyBank sessions. I need to
>> instruct Chickenfoot to click on the "collect info from this web
>> page" button at the bottom right of the web page. Chickenfoot does
>> not recognize it when I say click("collect info from this web page").
>> DOMinspector doesn't seem to work well here either . What is the
>> correct text pattern I need to say for Chickenfoot to recognize the
>> button correctly?
>> Many thanks.
>> -- Chung --
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