Re: Solvent/piggy-bank weirdness

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 21:38:28 -0500


Could you check the JavaScript console? I suspect some useful error
messages are in there.



Arvind Venkataramani wrote:

>I've been trying to create a screen scraper for CiteULike (which very
>inconsistently includes RSS feeds in its pages). The published scraper is
>The problem I'm having is that the code runs fine in solvent - a sample
>results file is attached, and it parses just fine in Piggy-Bank. However,
>the exact same code, when saved to the piggy bank, and activated,
>consistently returns a 'No typed data found' error. If the result of the
>script is identical in both cases, why does the Solvent run produce output
>that Piggy-Bank manages to process, while the installed screen-scraper
>doesn't? I'd really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions on this..
>Alternatively, if there's a way to load the contents of an RSS feed into
>Piggy-Bank through a screen-scraper, it would be awesome. In connection with
>which I must state that Piggy-Bank doesn't seem to understand the RSS feeds
>at CiteULike when loaded in the browser (No data coin for, for instance,
> ). If the RSS is linked through
>the HEAD of the webpage, the coin turns up as expected. If there's someway
>to do that, I'd love to hear about it (I'm a javascript newbie)
>I have the feeling these two issues might have something to do with each
>other, but I'm no expert.
>Debugging info:
>Firefox: 1.0.7
>OS: Windows XP with SP2
>Java: Sun JRE 1.5.0_04
>Piggy Bank: 2.1.1
>Solvent: 1.0.0
>Console & java output (from Firefox load to time of error):
>ff-console-output.txt & java-console-output.txt (attached).
>Thanks in advance
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